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Re: SuSE 10.1 boxed version ZMD Problems and other questions
  • From: "George Stoianov" <gstoyanoff@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 00:01:07 -0400
  • Message-id: <e0b842610605282101n2dcba77drff7b0a192079da6c@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 5/28/06, suse@xxxxxx <suse@xxxxxx> wrote:
George Stoianov wrote:
> Is anyone else having problems with this? I went through the good old
> reliable YOU and it worked no problems. How can I activate the
> SuSE-Watcher is it gone??? Another thing that I do not really like is
> the missing NVIDIA driver which I have to apply as a patch myself and
> keep applying it on every kernel upgrade ... not that I won't benifit
> from the experience but I did not want to do that for my home laptop
> too...

If you look through the list for the past week or so, the answer is YES.
ZenWorks is utterly broken. SuSE has put up a "beta" fix for Zen, but
most of the people I know just switched to apt instead, since there are
now official SuSE rpms for apt. SuSEwatcher is gone. The whole
situation has made Novell/SuSE look incompetent. I suspect some Novell
exec cooked up the scheme in an attempt to boost the sales of ZenWorks.
If so, it has majorly backfired, and ZenWorks looks completely broken,
not something I'd be looking to spend $130/seat on.

Wow that is a nice twist :( BTW I said that YOU works well now more
packages appear to need to be upgraded plus those I already did but
they already were it seems quite messed up.

With NVIDIA, it's best to run the driver yourself. The driver is closed
source, so SuSE can't really support it.

Yes, I know this is how it has always been but there was a package I
only applied it and it did the rest. Now I have found this: is this what
I have to do to get it to work??

> Also do you know how can I completely disable Beagle?

Pull up the Software Management in YaST, search for beagle, delete it.

Done, I hope now my fan will not be working as much.

> Has anyone tried Xgl? I tried to read the docs
> but I get "bash:
> gnome-xgl-settings: command not found" when I run gnome-xgl-settings
> searching in YaST leads to no result and my Control Centre in GNOME is
> missing the mentioned Desktop Effects.... I have installed the boxed
> version. Does anyone know what the 6-th CD is for I hope the CDs now
> equal the DVD.

I was able to get XGL running perfectly, except for one thing: If I
saved the desktop settings, Gnome would refuse to load from then on.
This was kinda a deal breaker. Besides, I prefer KDE, and I couldn't
get it to work with KDE at all.

Well that is good to know. I saw on the link I posted that for NVIDIA
only GNOME would work and ATI with KDE.

The situation with the package manager is frustrating if I am going to
be using apt....why am I using SuSE, I like YaST way better.... Can I
get Debian packages now that I can use apt ??

Any hints on getting wireless and wired configured at the same time on
10 I always had one or the other now I can only have wireless and that
is without the network manager.


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