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Fwd: Should I sit this one out?
  • From: "George Stoianov" <gstoyanoff@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 00:20:09 -0400
  • Message-id: <e0b842610605282120p2d402ab0l72363c9066fa3ae4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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From: George Stoianov <gstoyanoff@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 00:19:20 -0400
Subject: Re: Should I sit this one out?
To: suse@xxxxxx

Well 10.1 is kind of frustrating because it breaks one main thing
package management with YaST and now there is this new updater that
does not work. One criticism I have is that the old method that worked
is totally gone. One thing that I have come to really appreciate in
Linux is the amount of tools and ways one can do a job which
guarantees that you will eventually get it done. So why didn't they
leave us the old tool as well....

I have the same rant about the MySQL Administrator and Query Browser
there was in 9.2 the control center which has been a beta or in
testing for a while and it worked great for what it did but in 10.0 it
was gone and the administrator was such a pain as it did not give
feedback did one thing and displayed another and on top of that
securing the communication between th gui and the server was not that
straight forward (stunnel seemed like the only option), so I had to
accept the fact that the mysql command line client was my only option.
I hated it for a while but now that I am more familiar with it I don't
think I need the GUI as I can create my cron scripts and live a happy

BTW I chose to upgrade to 10.1 for MySQL 5 stored procedures and
all...have not tried that yet :)

And now there is apt ... I have used it briefly, while diverging in a
sys admin job and installing Debian like crazy, and was not very fond
of it... YaST is way better, but I am just guessing .... ->> I may end
up loving it once I get to know it but then what about SuSE - it is
the distro that sits in the middle between do it all yourself and easy
brease...oh it rebooted again Winblows for me ...

To your question should you waited it out...right now tired and
frustrated... I'd say yes ... you make up your mind though in life the
best turns are those you never planned for ;)

I need some sleep...sorry for the rant.

On 5/28/06, suse@xxxxxx <suse@xxxxxx> wrote:
Anders Johansson wrote:
> On Monday 29 May 2006 04:42, Chuck Davis wrote:
>> Lew:
>> I put it on my laptop which runs my ftp server and DB2 express_c which
>> are every day requirements for my development efforts between home and
>> the office. If it tells you anything I will not be putting it on any
>> other machines. The eye candy is a little nicer in some respects but
>> that Novell would ship such a totally broken product is inexcusable.
> The update system is a known issue. Is there anything else that's broken?
> As a point of reference, I've been running 10.1 both at home and in the
> since around beta 8 or 9, and so far it's been working well, so calling it
> "totally broken" is just wrong. It's not really all that different from
> So far the issues I've seen people report are
> * update system broken
> * Beagle consuming too many resources
> Have I missed anything?

Nope, I think that's pretty much it. 10.1 is great, aside from those
two issues. So just uninstall beagle and install apt, and put small
apt-get script into the daily cron and you're good to go, imho.

(The one other issue, which I believe is related to the updater issue,
is that YaST often has issues adding/removing sources. Apt fixes this
issue, too.)

It's funny, I was never an advocate of apt until SuSE 10.1 came out...

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