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Re: [opensuse] [RFC] Reducing Online Update Requirements
  • From: Sven Burmeister <sven.burmeister@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 11:35:03 +0200
  • Message-id: <200605201135.03802.sven.burmeister@xxxxxxx>

Am Freitag, 19. Mai 2006 21:04 schrieb Carl-Daniel Hailfinger:
> Current state:
> 1) First add of an online update source needs 2 minutes and
> downloads all metadata 3 times. This is ~380 kb ATM.

Have you tried the "update" from the RMB-menu on the systray-icon? I have six
catalogues: inst-source, updates, packman, oc2pus, guru, supplementary. On my
1.4GHz with 512MB RAM it takes 5 minutes with one of update-status or
parse-metadata running at > 90% CPU usage. That does not sound very

> 5) "Online Update Configuration" module in yast will not launch
> if you remove zen* and its dependencies (that includes
> suse_register). The icon should not appear if it doesn't work.
> 6) "Online Update Setup" module in yast will present you with
> an empty dialog if you remove zen* and dependencies. Well, at
> least you can click on "Back", "Abort" and "Finish" (all have
> the same effect).
> 7) "Online Update" module in yast will NOT tell you that no
> update source is configured and instead happily claim that no
> updates are available.

I filed a bug on this.
Apparently it is not possible at the moment. The sad thing is, that this fix
would not reach people, because one would have to add the update-source in
first place.

> How to fix these issues:
> 1) Bug. Not yet annoying because only a few patches have been
> released.

I find it very annoying that the new tools seem to take > 90% of CPU and take
longer for adding an installation source, deleting one, updating them and so
on. Most of these processes even lack a progress-bar, i.e. the user does not
know whether the app hangs or is progressing.

> 2) By Design. Date of last change in update source could probably
> be displayed in the UI, but this still doesn't give you the
> ability to find out whether there was a more recent change.
> Suggestion: Get timestamp of last released update (and only
> that timestamp) from central location, e.g. by HTTP download
> of a signed timestamp.txt.

I proposed this when 9.3 was recent, do not know what happened to it, since
the bug-reports from back then are not open.

> 3) Bug. Marcus Meissner wrote this will be fixed.
> 4) Minor/Enhancement. The current state is MUCH better than
> everything we had before. Maybe make it configurable, but at
> least make sure beasts like OOo are not downloaded as full RPM
> from update sources if installation source is local and update
> source is remote.
> 5) Bug. Confusing, but can be understood by looking in y2log.
> 6) Bug. Same class as 5).
> 7) Bug. Arguably a security bug.

> Any other issues you had with the update process? If so, please
> comment. Any other issues with network usage of package management
> in general? Tell me.

- Too high CPU usage for too long.

- It is no longer possible to "refresh", i.e. not "update" a package, anymore.
The bug was marked as WONTFIX.

- The new online-update-window does not refresh while installing a package, so
if it is a large one, the window will go blank, if one moves it and become

- I think that in the new update-tool there is no progress-bar for the
download-process, it just advances on a "package installed basis".

- The update-server is picked automatically, i.e. the user does not get
offered a list to choose from, which I think is bad, as I got a very slow
update-server which is not even close to where I live.


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