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Re: [opensuse] alternative window managers
On Fri, May 19, 2006 at 03:31:08PM -0700, J Sloan wrote:
> I'm not sure why Mr Moenkenberg put it the way he did, but the way to get an
> icewm session is to select icewm from the session menu at the login screen and
> log in.

run `wmlist` to see what else you have.

To test you can do the following: open a terminal and run:
`startx icewn -- :1`
That will open a second X-session. You can switch between them with
[CTRL][AL][F7] and [CTRL][AL][F8]. If you do something you do not know how
to get rid of, you can just do a [CTRL][C] in the terminal and it kills
off rather unnicly the other session.

I use it for the occasional times I want to look at the horrors others
call KDE or GNOME (Brrrr). Windowmaker just running fine here, thank you.
> Today I went outside. My pupils have never been tinier...

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