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Re: [SLE] Do you buy the boxed set this time around?
  • From: David Wright <david.wright@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2006 12:14:45 +0200
  • Message-id: <200604021214.45285.david.wright@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Am Sonntag, 2. April 2006 10:41 schrieb Per Jessen:
> Greg Wallace wrote:
> > Then again, I don't recall whether the downloads were actually a
> > "legitimate" way of obtaining the product or not,
> If downloading SUSE Linux was not legitimate, why would Novell be
> offering that possibility? AFAI have understood, Novell/SUSE/Redhat
> and other distro-vendors cannot charge anyone for the actual software
> (because it doesn't belong to them), and instead they are somehow
> obliged to make it freely available for download. I'm not sure exactly
> how this works though - I don't recall Novell making SLES available for
> download? SLES is effectively just another distro with a different
> support scheme/model.

They have to make the source code available - and that only to those that have
"purchased" the product. So it depends on the business model of the company
in question as to whether the compiled and packaged product is available for
free (look at Amstrad, they launched the a Linux based Email terminal, and to
get the source code you had to include the purchase receipt and some money
(25UKP ISTR) and they would send the code to you).

They can assemble the pieces together in a unique form with branding, manuals
etc. and charge for it, whether that be a download or a bunch of CD's/DVD's
in a box from a shop.

They can put a version up for download if they want to, or they can just sell
the retail version... Novell provide the OSS and Eval versions for free

Previous versions of SUSE had a lot of non-OSS packages, which was why the
retail and download versions were very different, the download versions could
only include the packages that were freely distributable... They are now
working towards making the product more "pure" with just OSS software on teh
main distribution disks/images and non-OSS software is relegated to CD 6 or
the retail DVD.

SLES costs a lot more, but you are paying for prolonged support and security
updates, as well as the work they've put into the server management tools.

> > though it would seem that Novell would not be in the business of
> > giving away something they were simultaneously selling(?).
> They're not. They're giving away the software/distro, but what they're
> selling is their value-add (manual, support, packaging etc.).
> /Per Jessen, Z├╝rich

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