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Re: [SLE] Neat program
  • From: kai <kai@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006 04:29:29 -0700
  • Message-id: <200604030429.29777.kai@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sunday 02 April 2006 10:00 pm, Bob S wrote:
> Hello SuSE people,
> A challenge for out programmers/codewriters.
> There is a really neat program from Google that allows sattelite zooming
> from space down to a specific location on Earth. You have to download it
> and install it to make it work. Supposedly it is a generic Windows/Mac
> program. Here is some info:

> <snip>

> Where would someone post to have some guru develop this for Linux?
> I have already chastised Google for not offering a Linux version.

Sux, eh? AFAIK, Google Earth is written using the Qt toolset, so porting to
linux should be a no-brainer.


There is a "version" for *nix which does some cool stuff - Fusion.

At the County where I work (for the next five days), we have Google Earth. The
funny thing is that all our local data for Google Earth is stored on SLES
servers, which is then accessed by our Wintendo clients.

Here's a screenshot of a cool test we did. We overlayed some GPS data from a
cell phone onto our Fusion server and correlated it to the mapping data. Then
took a satellite photo and zoomed in. You can see the GPS points of the cell
phone (Motorola/Nextel) overlayed on my house.

Here's a zoom -

Oddly enough, the phone was stationary on my desk. You can see how either the
Earth or the satellite(s) tracking the phone were off just enough to make the
GPS data points scatter a bit.

We have a very cool application running on Fusion - through MS Sharepoint -
that is accessible from any browser. It allows you to scroll over the entire
county and select data on any parcel in the county by right-clicking on a
green circle at the center of each parcel. The services are run by one our
Google Fusion servers on SLES, the parcel data is from our IMS-based assessor
system and the page is ASPX, hosted by IIS.

Unfortunately this app is intranet-only at the moment, but is being planned
for a deployment in the near future to the world. We'll see what kind of
trouble I can get into at my new job starting next Monday. :)

kai - - the new NetBeans community

43...for those who require slightly more than
the answer to life, the universe and everything.

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