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Re: [SLE] Stopping spam to postmaster@ account?
From: "Per Jessen" <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

david rankin wrote:


How are you handling all of the spam that is being sent to
addresses. In order to be RFC compliant, you are supposed to have
postmaster active, but since the spammers have now made this a
favorite address, how do you handle it? I'm considering blocking it
temporarily to generate rejects to see if that helps. Any other

Hi David,

rejecting would be a waste of time. Why don't you filter the
postmaster@ mail using whatever means you use for "regular" users?

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You're obviously quite knowledgeable and I guess you like and have got
the time to fiddle, but otherwise a law firm is quite a typical
customer of ours. Pricewise we charge USD5/user/month.

Sorry about "hijacking" your question.

No problem, it is good information. Right now I just blocked it with recepient_check.pcre for the time being. I'll see how many rejects I get in 24 hours and see if they don't dwindle away.

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