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Re: [SLE] Questions about parport0 (solved)
  • From: Koenraad Lelong <k.lelong@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2006 09:14:34 +0200
  • Message-id: <44321CDA.5020204@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Koenraad Lelong schreef:
Joachim Schrod schreef:

"KL" == suse-linux-e <suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxx> writes:

KL> Remains the fact that I have to 'chmod root:lp /dev/parport0' after KL> every reboot to be able to use the port (I'm member op group lp). Any KL> suggestions for that ?

Edit /etc/udev/static_devices.txt and change the permissions of that
device to 666. Sadly, I don't know where ownership of these static
devices are specified.


Thanks, but this does not work. I think it has to do with ppdev. When I rmmod ppdev, parport0 does not exist any more. Then modprobing ppdev again creates it, but with 660 permissions.
I'm going to file a support request with VMware.

Well, I did ask for support. First they said to RTFM, which I had done.
Second response : put a script in rc.local. Since I didn't find this (I use Suse 10.0) I looked further and I found references to before.local and after.local. So I put 'chown root:lp /dev/parport0' in after.local and rebooted. It seems to work, but I didn't try much. I hope this has no unforseen consequences.

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Koenraad Lelong
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ACE electronics n.v.

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