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Re: [SLE] [9.3] apcupsd as netslave broken?
  • From: Jim Flanagan <linuxjim@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2006 08:35:36 -0500
  • Message-id: <44351928.9020209@xxxxxxxxxx>
T. Ribbrock wrote:
Hi all,

I'm just after trying to get apcupsd to run in netslave mode on a SuSE
9.3 box. I was using the exact same configuration that I have working on a
SLOX 4.1 box, but apcupsd would just start and exit immediately upon

Running an strace against apcupsd (as I couldn't find any error messages
in the logs or using the -d switch) revealed that some subprocess exits
with a segmentation fault. I then tried a step-for-step configuration
changing one parameter in apcupsd.conf at a time until I finally
discovered that apcupsd would crash as soon as I chose "UPSMODE net". I
did not find any update for apcupsd for 9.3, nor did I manage to find the
bugtracker for 9.3 on Novell's site (yuck, yuck, yuck - the olde SuSE site
was much better...), so I decided to ask here... Has anybody come across

I had problems getting this to work in Suse 9.3 as well. I wound up downloading the the newest version of the source code from

and making my own RPM. I have had good success using the "simple" method of making RPMs using "checkinstall". See the suse wiki here

Just remember to use that RPM on the same machine you made it on only. This is a really simple way to install other apps you would like to try out, but can find no Suse RPMs for. Being RPMs, you can easily uninstall them when you like.

Also, in reading the apcupsd documentation, they state that the old way of using Master/Slave will be abandoned soon, so I set mine up using NIS. I was a little confused with this at first because I thought I needed to install a system wide file sharing service, but that is not the case. Just read the docs and use the NIS method to set up the Server (Master) and Clients (Slaves). The only annoying thing here is that the Server beeps and popups up a message saying that connection to the Client has been lost, when the client is shut down or reboots (not the other way around as with Master/Slave). I'm sure this warning message can be reconfigured to not come up if it gets bothersome. Other than that, the Server/Client method works great. FYI my server is running Suse 10 and Client 9.3.

Jim F

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