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Re: [SLE] Two monitors
  • From: David Wright <david.wright@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 13:42:41 +0200
  • Message-id: <200604211342.41547.david.wright@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Am Freitag, 21. April 2006 13:06 schrieb Clayton:
> > I have a feeling that mine is set-up as twinview (I'm on the road at the
> > moment, so can't check), but I do configure it through Sax2.
> Did you configure it with SAX2 in 10.0 or 9.3? (I could get it
> working fine in 9.3 using SAX and Xinerama - this was before I
> discovered TwinView - but gave up in 10.0 and did it manually)
> If I go into SAX2 with both monitors connected, SAX does not EVER see
> the second monitor - on top of that it wants to rewrite my xorg.conf
> file back to a single monitor setup. Granted the single monitor setup
> works perfectly after SAX does it's thing, but... when you want dual
> monitor... well, I've never got it to work using SAX. I'd really like
> to know if anyone else has figured out how to use SAX to setup dual
> monitor in SUSE 10.0.

Can't remember exactly how I set it up, think I manually did some Twinview,
but now use Sax2. I found Sax2 didn't work to start with, but worked out that
I had used some naming conventions from the HowTo which Sax2 didn't like,
changin the identifiers for each section to Sax2-like ones and I can use Sax2
for the configuration now...

I'll double check when I get back...

> > One thing to bear in mind, even with a 256MB card, the nVidia drivers
> > don't seem to like doing 24-bit when using 2 monitors, drop to 16-bit and
> > things should be better...
> Hmmm interesting. I'm using 24 bit mode with no problems or issues.
> What problems have you bumped into? What are the symptoms of the
> problems? I'm curious... mainly since my system seems to be flawless
> with the nVidia drivers as supplied via the YOU updates.
> C.

Currently I am using a 128MB 5900XT card with an Iiyama and an Hyundai Q17
panel, one on DVI, one on VGA. With the settings set at 24-bit, the display
on the VGA cabled monitor is a "corrupted" copy of the DVI display, and even
with "TwinView" and/or Xinerama enabled it was just doing corrupted mirror
and ignoring the dual-head settings. Dropping to 16-bit sorted out the
problems and upon re-starting X, it was in dual head mode and both displays
working properly.

There is also currently an issue with the nVidia drivers for 10.1 with certain
TFT panels driven via DVI, even if I set the resolution to 1280x1024, and
Sax2 accepts it, when X starts, it drops to 1280x960 because the driver
reports that the monitor is not capable of 1280x1024 (even though that is its
default resolution!). There is a workaround for it (I think setting "NoDDC",
I'll double check when I get back to the office).

Lastly, I've raised a bug on this with the KDE team, but was resolved as not
their problem. Setting the monitor time-out in the Energy Saver settings in
KDE Control Centre turns the monitor off after the correct amount of time,
but restarting KDE or re-booting the machine resets that timout to 8 minutes,
after every logon I need to re-start the Control Centre and move one of the
timers one minute in either direction and click accept...

With the OSS nv driver it works fine...

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