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Re: [SLE] SUSE legacy - supporting SUSE 10.0
  • From: Peter Nikolic <p.nikolic1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 00:13:30 +0100
  • Message-id: <200604230013.30944.p.nikolic1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Saturday 22 April 2006 23:30, Alexey Eremenko wrote:
> > Do you understand what YOU is ?
> Yes, and I don't like it at all.
> I want offline system for updates. Like Service Packs. Nothing else
> will satisfy me.

Well bully for you ..

Ya gads man you get cut price software IF you can be botherd to look most
problems are solved and the solutions freely available on the net what more
do you want if you want to unplug youe machines from the net to update them
then simply D/L the patches/fixes burn em onto a cd turn your network off and
install from cd untill you are sick of the sight of cd's just dont try
bully boy tacticks on people on here cus you are only going to end up getting
bitten big time ,
If you dont believe me then just carry on the way you are going and see what
happens ..

Pete .

The Labour party has changed there emblem from a rose to a condom
as it more accuratley reflects the governments political stance.

A condom allows for inflation halts production destroys the next gereration,
protects a bunch of pricks, and givesyou a sense of security while you are
actually bieng fucked

from GSM

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