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DVD source gets unset
  • From: elefino <kevinmcl@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 20:13:54 -0400
  • Message-id: <200604222013.58287.kevinmcl@xxxxxxxx>
SUSE 10.0

Some time ago I set Packman as a software source in YaST and installed KDE
3.5 and some other toys.

However, that time, and every time I go to update (if there happens to be
any need for packages from the DVD), I find that my DVD (the device) is no
longer valid - which YaST reports as the DVD not having source files on
it, even though Konq can display and manipulate the DVD contents without

The only way that I ever found to reliably give YaST access again was to
begin an Installation from DVD and choose Repair. After a couple of passes
of Repair, I reboot, login to a KDE session, and YaST has no problem
seeing the DVD as a package source.... once.

The next time I try, whatever was wrong is wrong again. YaST can
no longer see the DVD as a package source, once again.

What could be making this happen?
I'm not aware of anything else broken. SuSE and KDE seem to work happily
for me, on a daily basis. The DVD drive is fine for movies, music, and
files (on CD or DVD)... except YaST Software Source.

I can't imagine this happening over and over and over (I've run Repair
nearly twenty times over the past several months) without some process
or application writing some very precise and limited garbage, over and
over and over. It's not like there's some spreading corruption, or surely
I would have noticed other problems. It's just this specific thing
that keeps coming back.
Where does a person start looking? I don't care that the entry for the DVD
is getting changed in fstab, I want to know WTF is _doing_ it.
Whatever it is, is mighty obscure, 'cuz only a handful of people experience


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