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Re: [SLE] help/advice with setting up low power server
  • From: scsijon <scsijon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 19:54:32 +1000
  • Message-id: <>
At 12:34 AM 17/04/2006, Cody Nelson wrote:
I could use help in picking out hardware for a personal low power
server I want to set up. The server will be a printer, http, file,
ftp, and X11(maybe) servers. currently using a celeron 433(dell
optiplex GX100) but I want something lower power, maybe a little more
power (for the X11), and to put in a rackmount case that I recently
acquired. the dell mobo is made for the case it is in.


just a thought or two-----

Had a client who wanted a small Intranet (local use only) server.

Only external connection was via Satellite as they were in the bush.

Also had the problem of solar power, so low power was the go.

Ended up with a second hand laptop, maxed the ram and a large(gigs not size) hard drive.

Only had to build a power converter as laptop wanted 16V and house/office was 24V.

Still works ok, three years on with 7.2.

Since added a couple of things (mail server, etc.) to it for them.

for you----
oh, with your drives, have them external cases and use usb><whatever interfaces (ide and scsi are
no problems) into your laptop (i've found most laptops have extra good usb interface data handling)

but better get a laptop with ability to add second drive in removable cdrom bay, then you could raid
between drives (fixed and removable) if you want redundancy.


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