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Is SUSE the market-place chicken or the egg?
My company makes some products that happen to include a flavor of Linux,
which is all very fine, but the user doesn't really get to see that. We
provide our own strictly-limited command-line shell for a limited and
locked-down Linux within the appliance.
More to the point though, for the Clients and admin computers that connect
to our machines, we support Windows (a few versions), Solaris (a few
versions), HP-UX (a couple of versions), and AIX. Oh yeah, and RedHat
Enterprise, and Fedora Core 4.

We don't support SUSE because there's not enough demand.

Why should my company expend the extra effort (possibly in development,
certainly in testing) to support a unix flavor that nobody seems to be
requesting? I mean, if anybody can offer a persuasive argument, I'd be more
than happy to put it to our product management people and maybe get my
favorite distro on our supported list. If that happened, I'm sure that
_somebody_ would come looking to buy... but we don't do stuff on spec these
days. Any ideas for a foot in the door? Places to look for big,
institutional SUSE users?

We have as customers some big banks and financial institutions in Europe, as
well as government, but even they seem to expect RH. Where are the big
SUSE-using customers hiding? I'll point our sales people. :-)
Products are hardware crypto, networked security/crypto appliances, secured
application servers, etc.

I hate not seeing SUSE on the list every time a release goes out the door.



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