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RE: [SLE] Is SUSE the market-place chicken or the egg?
  • From: "Kai Ponte" <kai@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 13:02:16 -0700
  • Message-id: <E1FZCgq-0000ya-0X@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> [snip a bunch of good points about corporate/lawyer-influenced
> >
> > > So I'm looking for a persuasive argument to present to
> > > those people who _do_ make such decisions and actions,
> > > to justify additional resources for testing on new-to-us
> > > platforms (SLES and the desktop SUSE) prior to
> > > each release of our products.
> >
> > So you are seeking information that would be knowledge expected of
> > sales personel in perhaps a cold call?
> Possibly in the future (though that would not go over well
> on the list), but at present they'd have nothing to
> offer, would they? If anybody is using our stuff with SUSE,
> we don't seem to know about it, and they aren't proud to
> publicize it. More to the point, NOBODY of any consequence is
> admitting to using SUSE corporately, at least not that I've
> heard.

I believe I did. :)

Hopefully I'll be getting SUSE in here at my new office, too. I just
have to convince upper management that my 98,000 co-workers need to
upgrade from Windows. (Yes, I am thinking more on a departmental level
ATM. I'm not totally crazy....yet.)

I've got a few convinced already that my laptop has the coolest
screensaver (matrix) in the building.

> Primarily I want to pique the interest of a couple of Product Managers
> and senior directors, who decide what we support, meaning that


So this whole discussion is about what your company should produce??
What is your company? Is it SafeNet?

If so, you'd probably have more luck asking the "platform" of choice
question on Security Forums - - a very
high-traffic site known by many who live/breathe and often sleep in cold
rooms. Most here on this list &#8211; myself included &#8211; look at this type of
hardware/application but are more users rather than implementers.




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