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Re: [opensuse] making the community grow
  • From: Rajko M <rmatov101@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 01:18:09 -0500
  • Message-id: <4449CAA1.2070805@xxxxxxxxxxx>
jdd wrote:
Rajko M wrote:

Not enough people are active, and it will not be better after 10.1 is
out. Then it comes 10.2, ... , 10.X .

not completely right. any new version add to interest

Interest yes, but all active people are busy, permanently.

So we are on our own to solve how to attract more people to contribute,
how to advertise existence of openSUSE, make people feel that their
contributions are worth for

I added to the Tasks page.

I did some formating edit to your contribution.
If you agree, YaST is good example, but it is not alone, so it would be nice to reformulate paragraph to refer to in general that we need more documentation, and than list few examples.

I think that we need to be better indexed in search motors.
We need to be more usefull for the users.

Agree, but search engines will index opensuse with time, and there is not much to do.

It's good to say how one must download, install (and there
is a lack versus install), bugfix, fine tune it's SUSE Linux.

Fine tune is still white zone on the map, but that is not only SUSE problem. It is computer operating system problem :-(

But people don't install SUSE Linux to play with it (not
only :-).

They install it to _work_ with it.

And we try to attract Windows users, so we need doc to
explain how to make things.

I already wrote french doc about

*dealing with a photo collection
*dealing with video tape editing
*installing a small house Linux server
You begun a GIMP use page (if I understand well)

I can call that playing with GIMP, but the purpose is right what you described. Most of the users are not developers, and like to have working computer, some application(s) and to build from there.

The future of distribution building is development, as it is now, and *usage*. Explain what can be done, define what is your distribution capable for, and what it is not. Don't let someone else define what computer should do and than try to catch up.

I can write in english but I'm pretty short to translate
from french to english. So feel free to do so if you can and
if you think it's usefull.

Sorry Jean.
My bad.
I can understand few languages, write somehow in fewer, but French I can understand very little and then only if the text is rich in words based in Latin. I used to call them international words :-)

We need whitepapers, we need all sort of things that make
openSUSE valuable :-)

That would be the problem I have in mind talking about site design. It is wiki, but it has to be organized, and that will never be reached with one man band. When you said "we need all sorts of things" showed where is the problem. One man can't think of all things that might be needed. We have to begin somewhere with specific tasks that have name. Are they important or not, let time decide.

Mine would be to play with graphic, and try to get someone on board.

we also need time :-))) but this will have


The only time I can have is The Time (if I pay subscription).


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