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minutes openSUSE status meeting 2006-04-19
  • From: Sonja Krause-Harder <skh@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 14:40:17 +0200
  • Message-id: <20060421124017.GJ18073@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
These minutes, as well as the full IRC transcript, are also available at:

Status SUSE Linux 10.1
- update and Xen in RC1 not working as they should
- further bugfixing on libzypp and zmd needed
- RC2 (and any subsequent RCs) will be available as delta iso only
- rest of 10.1 is in good shape
- Questions:
- yes, smart is available on the CDs
- yes, new package management now has the full functionality of the old one
- vfat sync issue was fixed

Status build service
- current work:
- iChain support (common login with wiki and bugzilla)
- mirror interface (distribute the built packages to the world in
the fastest possible way)
- project linking (don't maintain a complete package, but just a
small patch for another package, and have it built separately)
- upcoming: significant work on the Web UI, as the colleague helping us
with this will be in Nuremberg for a week soon
- ppc support is waiting for mirror interface
- older distributions in the build service are waiting for the mirror

Status openSUSE wiki
- new translations online: swedish, czech, turkish and italian
- spanish wiki is outdated:
- ask for help from the internal department that is working on the spanish
SDB (mlasars)
- wake up the language maintainers (mlasars)
- request for slovakian -> pointer to translation HOWTO
- asian font problems block japanese and chinese wikis (AI darix)
- wiki graphic design project:
- redesign not necessary
- restructuring and/or easier navigation for the wiki very necessary.
The discussion is slow, ongoing and not getting anywhere at the moment.
Everybody please discuss ideas on opensuse-wiki

new mailing list(s)
- new mailing lists requested:
- opensuse-translation for coordinating all (non-wiki) volunteer translation
and localization efforts around SUSE Linux
- opensuse-bugzilla (see #160835)

LinuxTag preparations
- 10-5 SUSE people at booth and conference
- SUSE travel/budget approval done
- tickets for !SUSE volunteers: AI cthiel
- demo descriptions still missing (AI cthiel, all)
- big LinuxTag social event is on Thursday, so we will go out for dinner
on Friday, May 5, regardless of funding situation and later than
7pm (AI skh)
- no IRC status meeting during LinuxTag, next meeting moved one week to
May 9 2006
- we added three more talks and gave up the 1 hour real life status
meeting slot as nobody seems to be interested in it

Cleanup old Action Items
- skipped, as all action items are tracked in bugzilla now

Sonja Krause-Harder (skh@xxxxxxx)
Research & Development SUSE Linux Products GmbH

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