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Re: [opensuse] bug fix support by community
On Thu, Apr 20, 2006 at 01:41:04PM +0200, jdd wrote:
> * true maintainer. I don't really know how Novell/SUSE is
> organised, but I beg there is a team or a person assigned to
> a task. For example I see this:
> and I beg Pat is the owner of this package.
> May be a member of the community could be set as the
> maintainer, or simply set as a Pat help

Everybody is a 'Pat help'. Just use Bugzilla and add her as a contact, or
mail her directly. The first will be better, I suppose.
If you can't find the correct person, most likely the person at SUSE
you assigned it to, will know and assign it to that person.

> * organised help.
> Simply better document the way the community can help.

Make that 'better documentation in general'. Although the documentation is
one of the best for the users. There still needs a LOT to be done. Fact is
that good documentation takes time away from development and 99% of the
documentation is not read.

> Make
> a wiki page explaining how to download the po sources,

I believe the po files are in the sources so they are available. Each
package will have it's own .po files. Placing them outside of tat package
might be complicating thing, although I am not sure.

> make
> all these po files available from an html browser (seems
> very easy).

file:///dir/to/langage.po after unpacking the po file, I should think.
Lets try it. I did a `locate *.po` and got (among others)
/usr/share/gfxboot/themes/SuSE/po/nl.po, so that would become:

> Make wiki pages with yast screenshots and links
> to the relevant po file. Eventually provide special bugzilla
> access for that.

I would call that a bit over the top, especially because you need to
replace the screenshots after each correction to be accurate.
However as it is a wiki, please go ahead.

> in fact, if I correctly see, this is nothing more than a
> building / bugfix system for documentation/translation...

It feels as if you try to re-invent bugzilla again or that you want to
become an offical SUSE maintainer.

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