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Re: [opensuse] 10.1 rc1 on heise news
On Mon, Apr 17, 2006 at 01:54:43PM +0200, Pascal Bleser wrote:
> zgrep -A 1 ".rpm: *Name*:" ARCHIVES.gz | awk '{print $4}' \
> | while read name; do
> read version
> read blank
> printf "%-40.40s %s\n" "$name" "$version"
> done

I can't get this in a workable output. The problem starts with:
zgrep -A 1 ".rpm: *Name*:" ARCHIVES.gz

That does not produce any serious output. Well, no output at all.
Replacing that with zgrep -A 1 "Name :" ARCHIVES.gz it works.

All on one line:
zgrep -A 4 "Name :" ARCHIVES.gz | grep -Ev 'Install date:|Release
:' |awk '{print $4}' | while read name; do read version; read group ; read
blank ;printf "%-25s %-35s %s \n" "$name" "$group" "$version" ; done|
sort -k 2|less

Thanks for the pointer anyway. For those who are interested, you can make
the 25 and 35 larger or smaller, according to the needs and possabilities
of your screen.

It should not be too hard to put this in a script and make a website out
of it. See what I can produce. Don't hold your breath though. :-)

Nutze die Zeit. Sie ist das Kostbarste, was wir haben, denn es
ist unwiederbringliche Lebenszeit. Leben ist aber mehr als Werk
und Arbeit, und das Sein wichtiger als das Tun - Johannes Müller-Elmau

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