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Re: [opensuse] backup question to y'all
On Wed, Apr 12, 2006 at 09:58:22AM +0300, HG wrote:
> But I'm still amazed that there is no backup solution on SUSE.
> (No need to mention tar and rsync again... they are not in the same league...)

You must not have the thread. There are several of them. There are
StoreBackup and rdiff-backup that can be interesting. There are some
others as well.

It just seems that backing up is such a personal choice that each system
needs a different apraoch and then each person also wants to do it

A search on Freshmeat on 'backup' gives me 279 projects. Somewhere even
SUSE has to make a choice on what to include and what not.

Due to the huge amount of programs and the differences in need, it will be
unpossible to inlude the correct tool for everybody.

e.g. I am looking at storeBackup and are still reading on how this thing
works. Can't figure it out, so it is not realy for me. Too many
possibilaties and choices. rdiff-backup is the next one I am looking at.
Still does a bit more then I need.

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