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Re: [SLE] "Fun" with X
  • From: "L. Mark Stone" <lmstone@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2006 09:47:13 -0500
  • Message-id: <43E0C9F1.90809@xxxxxxxxx>
bernd wrote:
On Tuesday 31 January 2006 15:26, Carl Hartung wrote:
On Tuesday 31 January 2006 16:49, bernd wrote:
As I said sax2 suggested settings are the only way I have found
to get 1280x1024 back, yet without 3d enabled, or correct
settings for my mouse, keyboard, or VNC.

Further Thoughts???
Hi Bernd,

How does 3D fit into this effort? I thought the problem we were
working on was getting the on-board Intel graphics working with the
display without killing your keyboard and mouse?

Have you tried 'tweaking' settings in the BIOS related to the
graphics subsystem? (Like possibly bumping up the shared video
memory?) Can you manually toggle and test between AGP and PCI
graphics in the BIOS? And/or turn one of them off?

Have you done any research to see if that mainboard and/or chipset
is even supported?

Wanting to enable 3D was where it all began. As soon as I opened up sax2, and before I touched anything (really!), I got the error message about "...NoDDC..."

The only thing I can do in BIOS is to tweak the vid memory. The BIOS default is maxed at 8MB.

SuSE hardware database shows the Intel I915G fully supported for 9.3; Xorg with 3D using the i810 driver.

I'm posting on the boards at Dell to find out if there are any other linux users that found the same problem. It's my understanding that their business support people are familiar with Redhat, and so I may find common ground. I'll be calling tomorrow.

Thanks! I'll keep you posted, and if you can think of anything else to try, please let me know.

Can I directly edit Xorg or XF86Conf without pain? It says in the comments at the beginning of the files not to, because they are Sax2 generated files.


Sorry, came in in the middle of this thread, so I may be off the mark here...

Intel 915 Chipset?

The problem may be the on-chip 915 BIOS settings (not your PC BIOS). Intel 915 chipset BIOS do not list all of the resolutions that the chipset can support. This can confuse sax2.

So, you need to reprogram the 915 BIOS by deleting one of the pre-programmed video settings you will never use and replacing it with the settings you want.

I had to do this to get 1400x1050 resolution on my IBM R52 laptop under SuSE 10.

Fortunately, their is a utility called "855resolution" bundled with SuSE 10 (not sure about 9.3) that does the job. If you Google for this utility and Intel 915 you will get a lot of hits. It is also possible to automate this configuration by editing the boot.local file (I believe; I'm at a Windows workstation at the moment).

The whole thing works because you are not really patching the on-chip BIOS; only the copy shadowed in RAM during the boot process, before X loads.

Once you set it up, you should be able to run sax2 normally and it should find everything re your chipset OK. Whether your monitor's settings are in the sax database is another story.

All I can tell you is that I get 1400x1050 resolution with 3D on my IBM R52 laptop under SuSE 10 just fine.


Hope that helps,


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