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Re: [SLE] Session management error
  • From: Brian Green <>
  • Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2006 16:11:39 +0000
  • Message-id: <43E0DDBB.4090303@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Carl Hartung wrote:
On Monday 30 January 2006 05:09, Brian Green wrote:
Finally, late yesterday, having exhausted all other options, I did a
"dirty" install of my system ...


Hi Brian,

Sorry to hear this. I /was/ going to help you repair the system...

For future reference, ...

... ...

Good luck & regards,

- Carl

Hi Carl

I'm suitably admonished! And, I've paid penance by doing a clean install of the system (But note: I used, rebel that I am, the (incredibly QUICK - only deletes the pointers in the / ReiserFS partition?) format option during the install process. All is OK; with a significantly smaller O/S foot-print.

However, the rebuild has taken some time - hence the delay in sending my thanks! I've thrown a couple of tarballs in (without problem ...) and even got CUPS and my all-in-one printer/scanner fully functioning again (my notes: remember to unplug/replug the USB to the printer after installing ...). But, ...

1) I'm really troubled by your "... moved to 10.0 from 9.3, ..." comment.

Must I expect to do a repeat clean install when I move from 10.X to 11.0 followed by a tedious rebuild of all the functionality I've grown accustom to in the interim and just deleted? Is there no short cut? Some reference table of installed packages that can be archived before a format/clean install? Ditto, some reference table that might aid a roll-back (i.e. solution to my original problem) to some earlier working state?

2) I'm really (really!) frustrated with YaST2!

I dutifully attempted to use YaST2 to install RPMs from a number of servers. However, some sources appear to be unsupported by YaST2. They are rejected during the "Software Source Media" option in the "Installation Sources" in YaST2.

So my fix: download the RPMs to a local directory and get YaST2 to source from there ...

Specifically, Amarok (yeah: KDE on a GNOME ... but I like some of it's functionality with Podcasts. Particularly being able to directly downloaded the MP3s to my player).

Ultimately I have got this to work. YaST2 did install the RPM from the local directory. But: it required a combination of deleting the source, re-entering the source, restarting YaST2, ... etc etc ... YaST2 would see the RPMs, acknowledge the later version, check the dependencies, but then fail to install ... no such directory/no such file ...

Is this a bug? Is there a work around? Why wont it refresh a local directory? ...

Learnt a lot - thanks for your help,

(Tomorrow: back to SynCE ...)

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