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Re: [opensuse] question about opensuse/ppc
  • From: "Joseph M. Gaffney" <CuCullin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 10:21:39 -0500
  • Message-id: <200602011021.41722.CuCullin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 01 February 2006 10:02, Mathias Homann wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got a serious question for you guys:
> Would you say that "opensuse 10.x/ppc on an old g3 or g4 mac" is a good
> idea for someone who has NO computer experience at all, and is ... well,
> old.
> Background: A computer for my mom, to send mails and browse the web.
> She has no experience with computers at all, so no matter what i give her,
> i'll have to do support for it.
> And right now I might be able to wrestle an old mac (g3 or g4 i think) out
> of the greedy hands of my companies basement storeroom where it sits
> unused, collecting dust (and maybe worse). And since I have no clue about
> macos, it will most likely be running opensuse/ppc + KDE 3.5.x.
> Ist that a good idea, or am I digging my own grave here?
> bye,
> MH

Let me start off by saying I have minimal experience with the PPC end of

I would say, though, that its a great idea. Your mom probably won't deviate
from what you tell her, ie: "Use KMail, Konquerer/Firefox, and DigiKam", so
she probably won't run into oddities.

I would recommend though, that you remove packages and daemons that are
unnecessary for a base installation. KDE will appear very friendly and
usable, but it also can be a resource hog on older machines, like any modern
GUI. Removing some of the back end items that she has no use/need for will
go a long way to giving her an enjoyable computing experience :)

Joseph M. Gaffney
aka CuCullin

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