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Re: [SLE] Mail routing suggestion?
  • From: Sandy Drobic <suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2005 02:12:52 +0200
  • Message-id: <42C72D84.5090306@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
John N. Alegre wrote:

Ok .. I have a SuSE box with postfix collecting mail in via SMTP and sending it to user accounts on this same machine. This is machine libros on mydomain. So mail to someuser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or mail to someuser@mydomain goes to someuser on that box. The DNS entry for mail to mydomain is all to the IP of this machine.

Now I want to set up a mail account for a different machine, which is a Mac OS X machine. This is machine valencia and it has its own users. I want the users on valencia to get mail to their mail reader software that comes in to libros but is somehow sent to valencia. This is all in mydomain. So the questions are what software to use and what has to be done to postfix.

Okay, so mail from the internet is received by postfix on server libros. Some of your users log in on libros itself and they can access their mail, others who do not log in on libros but some other server on your network can not access their mail.
Is that the situation at the moment?

I was thinking that I would need something like pop3 or imap for the mail to get to the valencia machine and the first question was what to use and what I have to do to postfix to use it.

Actually, you don't need to move the mail to any other machine. You just use a service like imap to make the mail accessable to all the other users on the network, regardless on what machine they will log in. You just configure your mailclient with your susebox als smtp server for outgoing mail and with imap to access the stored mails on your server.
The nice thing about imap is, that regardless the emails stay on the server and you can access the mail from any client on your network with just a few setting to set up the account.

My network here at home is set up in such a way. I will admit it is ridiculously oversized for me alone, but it's just such a nice plaything I couldn't resist. (^-^)

- Mails come in and are received by postfix
- Postfix already performs some checks to fend off spammers and viruses
- the rest of the mail is scanned by spamassassin and antivir
- then it is delivered to Cyrus IMAP
- Cyrus uses Sieve to filter the Mails into the proper folders.

Postfix is configured to allow only TLS encrypted connections to relay for a user if he authenticates by SMTP Auth. That way you can also use your server at home or anywhere on the world where your have an internet connection.
Cyrus also uses TLS encrypted connections to access the mails on the system.

Please be aware that such a system is NOT trivial to set up and might be overkill for your office. You probably don't need all these options but the basic principle is what you probably want if you knew what imap means compared to pop. (^-^)


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