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Re: [SLE] As if ...
  • From: Colin Carter <colincarter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 00:47:04 +1000
  • Message-id: <200507040047.04348.colincarter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Ken,
Thanks for your response.

On Sunday 03 July 2005 21:36, Ken Schneider wrote:
> On Sun, 2005-07-03 at 13:01 +1000, Colin Carter wrote:
> > As if I am browsing my hard disk with Konqueror and
> > I select the 'UP' arrow button in the top left corner
> > I just might want to open the superior directory
> > with GIMP, or maybe with a media player ???
> > WHY is this configurable under "File Associations" ?
> >
> > Yep, I've done it again:
> > Somehow I have accidently 'file associated' a directory with
> > Konqueror and guess what: "Konqueror cannot handle this type of file."
> And somehow this is the fault of SuSE?
Weeeell, kind of. It seems to be so easy to accidently change these
associations. But the big issue for me is documentation about managing
file associations. Any idea where it is? Then I might be able to repair my
I also have a problem with knowing the default associations. For example,
when I, a newbie, use Konqueror to view a directory and select an html file
the file it displayed inside the Konqueror so I have no idea what module
is actually doing the work. Until this bumble I had no idea that there was
a module called KHTML, let alone know that it was ment to be associated
'inside' Konqueror.
Anyway, do you have any ideas about the documentation?
> If you are going to blindly make changes without documenting the changes
> you can expect to have problems. Document the old setting -before-
> making the change so you have a reference for how to change back. If
> that is not possible then create a new user that will have default
> settings to use as a reference point for when you "accidentally" change
> something and break it.
Nuh, I had absolutely zero intention to make such changes, and was in fact
rather upset that I somehow messed it up, so I have no idea what I did.
> Also -any- OS has it's learning curve, whether it is the OS you start
> with or switch to.
True! Kick in the pants accepted.
> --
> Ken Schneider
> UNIX since 1989, linux since 1994, SuSE since 1998
> "The day Microsoft makes something that doesn't suck is probably
> the day they start making vacuum cleaners." -Ernst Jan Plugge


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