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Re: [SLE] OT Memory question(s)
  • From: AmigaPhil@xxxxxxx
  • Date: 4 Jul 2005 17:23:23 +0100
  • Message-id: <1672.46T1177T10433118AmigaPhil@xxxxxxx>
roach (robert_spencer@xxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote something I wish to comment :
(news:<200507040745.51049.robert_spencer@xxxxxxxxxxxx> posted on 04-juil-05

> Try testing your RAM with Memtest86 or Memtest86+. Comes with Suse
> Installation DVD in boot menu.

I did run it once, for a little more than half an hour. All seemed ok,
but I think that only the "visible" 128Mb part of the 256Mb sticks were
tested, the "missing" 128Mb left being ignored.

> No point in buying new memory if that's not the problem.

Too late, I already ordered 3 dimms of registered 256Mb SDRAM (PC100).
I'm confident they are working, good quality RAM (127$ each); and I
hope they will run fine at 138Mhz (overclocked) CPU clock frequency.
(Just a bit anxious as if I could damage them doing that.)

> Some other debugging suggestions:
> - Test RAM in PC. #Confirm if RAM is bad.
> - Test RAM in other PC. #Verify RAM is bad.
> - Test RAM in PC with cache switched off. #Rule out bad cache RAM.
> - Test in PC with other RAM. #Try to rule out bad motherboard.

No other PC to test the suspected defective RAM at the moment. I will
test them later.


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