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video and font problems...
  • From: Clayton <smaug42@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 21:24:13 +0200
  • Message-id: <e299678805072312243d0ceb06@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I've got a nVidia 5200FX vid card. It's been working great. 3D accel
games were working fine and my fonts look great.

So tonight I have some time and need to unwind. I install Wolfenstein
Enemy Territory, Tribal Trouble and try compiling LooseCannon.
Wolfenstein installs and works great.... so I decided to try compiling
LooseCannon. I finally get LooseCannon to get past the config stage
(loads of dev libs needed), but it won't "make"... Don't feel like
trying to solve the make errors so I turn to TribalTrouble. This game
has an installer... installs fine. I try to launch it... flashes the
screen into several different modes... and exits with a video error.

A little digging tells me that the game thinks my vid card can't do 3D
accel games. Ummm... yes it can... just did it with Wolfenstein. I
try to run Wolfenstein again... won't start... video errors... I check
glxgears and I'm down under 150 fps... I should get around 1000 fps
easy with this vid card. No applications that use the GL side of my
video card work now...

I restart X thinking maybe that will restart any nVidia stuff... no
go. Now I notice my fonts are all jaggy and look awful... hard to
read in some applications now. i reboot... nothing different. :-(

So... any suggestions? I haven't tinkered with my xorg file... I
haven't done anything out of the ordinary. All the RPMs I installed
were only the *-devel versions of already installed stuff. They
shouldn't affect the GUI at all.... Kinda lost here as to what went
wrong... and how to get it all back to teh way it was earlier this


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