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Re: [SLE] Help with NFS
  • From: Dylan <dylan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 20:09:18 +0100
  • Message-id: <200507242009.19305.dylan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Sunday 24 Jul 2005 19:23, Donald D Henson wrote:
> (SuSE Linux 9.3 Pro)
> I'm trying to set up a Linux-only network to use the Network File
> System (NFS). The description of NFS sounds like just what I need but
> I'm having problems trying to set up an NFS server.
> I've seen the note in the SuSE admin manual stating that I need to
> have a DNS so I decided to try to set that up first.

You don't need a DNS unless you are using hostnames to specify exports.
I only have local name resolution by /etc/hosts and it works fine.

> YaST says I need
> something called a "forwarder". My first problem. I have no idea what
> a forwarder is and referencing the SuSE admin manual was no help. Can
> someone explain to me what a "forwarder" is?

A DNS forwarder simply passes the DNS requests out to an external DNS

> Some other questions. I assume that DNS requires static IP addresses.
> Is that true?

No, the dhcp server can be configured to update the DNS records, but
it's probably too much hard work for a small network.

> If so, how can I reconcile that with DHCP?

You can tell dhcp to always assign the same IP to a specific MAC which
effectively means each client always has the same address.

> If not, how
> do I tell DNS that I'm using DHCP? In short...
> I am completely lost in the terminology and processes needed to set
> up NFS. Can someone point me to a starting point and give me a few
> pointers on how to proceed. I will sincerely appreciate any
> assistance.

Keep it simple first. export a single directory to your whole network
(specified by subnet IP address) and try to mount it from a client. For
example, I have (approximately):

in /etc/exports on the server (gandalf):

and in /etc/fstab on the clients:
gandalf:/srv/nfs/data /media/server/data nfs defaults 0 0

which mounts the remote fs when the client boots.


"The man who strikes first admits that his ideas have given out."
(Chinese Proverb)

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