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Re: [SLE] HAL horror in SuSE 9.3
  • From: Mitja <ajtim@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2005 18:00:20 -0500
  • Message-id: <200507241800.21117.ajtim@xxxxxxxxx>
Is it safe to uninstall hal, please?

On Sunday 24 July 2005 16:03, Gabor Istvan wrote:
> Dear list members:
> I've been using SuSE 9.3 for a while and I find it solid.
> But there is a thing that is like horror and it is mounting media
> with/through HAL.
> First of all it even does not work well if installed in the default
> way (out of the box) without any additional .fdi files.
> Even for the same media-volume it often creates new entries in
> /media, like VOLUME_1, VOLUME_2 and leaves them there as
> trash. Once I had six floppy entries, from floppy to floppy_5.
> I would like to mount my pendrive as /media/pendrive instead
> of /media/FlashDisk.
> OK, there is a method to change hal's behavior to mount to
> static mount points.
> The description can be found at:
> dkukawka_hal_mountpoints.html
> Despite of that this seems like horror it even does not seem to
> work.
> For the cdrom/dvdrom I could set a static mount point using
> the description but for my pendrive I could not. I guess that
> part of the description is not correct or at least does not
> contain enough information. I searched for and
> values in lshal output - with my usb pendrive
> mounted and unmounted - but could not find out which one is
> that I need. Before inserting the pendrive I had 37 devices and
> after inserting had 43 devices (as lshal output). I had 5 more
> udi entries after mounting. But how do I know which one is
> the udi entry I have to get the info.product and info.vendor
> values from? Only two udi entry had both values and I tried
> both pairs but none of them worked.
> I saved the diff file of the two lshal output and can send it if
> needed.
> And another question: if the info.vendor and info.product is
> unique for every different USB pendrive brand then will the
> mountpoint change back to the hardcoded if I insert in another
> type of pendrive?
> (I wanted to get help from the author of the above article but
> could not find his email address.)
> I apologise for being so verbose but I spent a lot of time to fix
> this issue without any success.
> TIA,
> IG
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