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Installed SUSE v9.3 -- Good News and Disaster
  • From: Stan Goodman <sgood@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 22:44:26 +0300
  • Message-id: <0IKA00G8FXI2D820@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
As the subject line says, I've installed v9.3 -- I repartitioned the disk and
installed from scratch, rather than on top of the v9.1.

The Good News is that v9.3 is much snappier than v9.1; one can live with it. I
still intend to replace the 350MHz CPU with 800MHz, because some apps I want to
install need a bit more speed, but I think I will be happy without crossing the
1GHz barrier, or getting more modern HD.

I have gone on line with it, using Firefox, and am pleased. The only changes I
made were in some Firefox preferences, and changing the mouse to the
left-handed persuasion and a different cursor..

Whatever I did or didn't do, the system is now inoperable. When it boots, the
mouse is not frozen in the center of the screen. Its buttons also do nothing.
The only way I could shut the system down (twice) was with the Reset button.
Perhaps there was a way with the keyboard, but I don't know it. I was able to
bring up a Process List (but I'm not sure how I did that; repeatedly pressing
the Tab key moved the focus from field to field, so apparently the keyboard was

How do I get out of this fix?

The last time it booted, I watched the detailed progress on the screen. I saw
nothing tht looked suspicious, except one Warning at the time when the network
was being set up. I couldn't read it, and of course I can't look at the boot

I assume that I need to boot to the Fail Safe option, which I understand to be
a command-line mode. I am very new at this OS, and would much appreciate some
pointers about how to go about diagnosing what is hanging the mouse and how to
repair it.

Stan Goodman
Qiryat Tiv'on

"When your enemy falls, do not rejoice." -- Proverbs 24:17

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