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Re: [SLE] Installed SUSE v9.3 -- Good News and Disaster
  • From: Michael James <Michael.James@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 11:55:31 +1000
  • Message-id: <200507281155.31700.Michael.James@xxxxxxxx>
On Thu, 28 Jul 2005 07:14 am, James Knott wrote:
> Stan Goodman wrote:
> > How do I get out of this fix?
> >
> > I am very new at this OS, and would much appreciate some
> > pointers about how to go about diagnosing
> > what is hanging the mouse and how to repair it.
> >
> Start the computer in run level 3. Then, as root, run SAX2. You can
> make all the mouse & video changes there.

Just to spell this out, when you see the GRUB boot screen,
"Booting Linux in 8 seconds", type a 3 into the parameters box.
This or booting the failsafe system
will give you a simple command line login.

Runlevel 3 is what servers boot to,
the networking and services are all up
but the (memory hogging) graphical interface hasn't started.
That fires up in runlevel 5, (there usually isn't a runlevel 4).

Log in as "root".

Until you have this problem sorted out,
it is probably a good idea to make 3 the default runlevel.

Edit /etc/inittab and change the 5 to a 3 here:

# The default runlevel is defined here

Now it will not boot into trouble next time.

As suggested, run sax2 to configure the graphical system,
graphics card, monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc.

Having run sax2, type "startx".
If it works, well and good, end the session (Suse - Logout)
and type "init 5" when you get back to the command line.

If it doesn't; type Ctrl-Alt-Backspace. It's the Ctrl-Alt-Del of X
and will crash you back to the command line.

Once you are happy it's working, put "5" back as the default runlevel.

Let us know how you go,

Michael James michael.james@xxxxxxxx
System Administrator voice: 02 6246 5040
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