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Re: [SLE] Packman as Installation Source
  • From: Janne Karhunen <Janne.Karhunen@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 19:32:01 +0300
  • Message-id: <200507291932.01301.Janne.Karhunen@xxxxxxxxx>
On Friday 29 July 2005 16:05, Jos van Kan wrote:

> > 'xine-mad' conflict
> > Required by:
> > 'kaffeine requires xine-mad'
> > Conflicts with:
> > 'libxine1 obsoletes xine-mad'
> Not special to X86-64. I got the same message on a 32 bit sytem (i686)
> and guess what? xine-mad wasn't even installed.

Well, that's what it says. Kaffeine depends on an obsoleted
package and that prevents installation. If the package is
*obsoleted* why the heck it is required? That specific
Requires: entry (in .spec) should be skipped. This is broken
on so many levels i lost count.

Heck, Linux needs some serious work on software installation
front. Complete RPM rework, stable & supported ABIs and
standard installation tools. Without this, Linux will never
make it to the average Joes desktop. And it shouldn't.

Before someone asks why RPM should be reworked, i'd say that:
a) errors reported by it officially suck ( most people are
never able to figure out what it's saying ). Since this
has not been fixed ( not taking into account some minor
improvements ) i would have to assume that it can not be
fixed given current design.
b) 80% of the complexity built into RPMs logic would not be
needed in the first place given more stable (and broader)

> So I just ignored the
> conflict, something I never do if I can help it. xine-mad *still* isn't
> installed and libxine1 was quietly upgraded. Kaffeine and xine run
> without problems. So far. :-)

Well, it should. Nevertheless, having packages with broken
dependencies prevents you from using apt.

// Janne

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