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Re: [SLE] ssh troubles through a SUSE 7.1 system
  • From: Hans Krueger <hanskrueger@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 07:51:39 -0400
  • Message-id: <4281F1CB.8030408@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Luca Mollica wrote:

Jostein Berntsen wrote:

On 11.05.05,13:12, Luca Mollica wrote:

Dear all,

I am xperiencing a hard trouble using ssh connection through an old SUSE 7.1 machine.

The machine A is a SUSE 7.1 one, and it can be reached both in the LAN and usibng a public address using any kind of communication protocol (ftp, ssh, telnet, etcetc.). Once I am inside the machine A, I would like to connect to another machine, say B, that is a SUSE 9.1 one, and my attempt fails with the message

Permission denied

I than added the ip address to hosts and hosts.allow files and rebooted network, but again the maessage was

Permission denied

I have than tried to connect to machine A from machine B and everything was fine, access was allowed.

The very strange thing that from SUSE 7.1 machine I can connect to another machine that has SUSE 9.0 PRO (say, machine C) as operating system, and there is no difference between the security & co. installed packages between machines B (9.1) and C (9.0).

What do you suggest in order to fix this bug? I am suspecting that there is something wrong in SUSE 9.1 system, but what ??

Thanx in advance


Try to connect to the 9.1 machine like this:

ssh username@xxxxxxxx

Substitute the IP with the IP of your machine.

I am already using ssh in this fashion....
Also telnet gives a similar message attempting to connect to SUSE 9.1 starting from SUSE 7.1:

luca@linuxnmr:~ > telnet
telnet: connect to address Connection refused

Please also note that I cannot connect to B from A, but I am able to connect to A starting from B ... this makes me say that maybe there is something wrong in SUSE 9.1 setup.



check your firewall turn it off to test


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