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Re: [SLE] Novell Linux Leaders Flee
  • From: Ben Rosenberg <red.kryptonite@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 13:17:57 -0700
  • Message-id: <e8fb479305051313171f38fd3c@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On 5/13/05, C. Richard Matson <goldfarm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Friday May 13 2005 8:12 am, jonlists wrote:
> > In the same boat here...... we had customers who had support contracts
> > with Redhat until they were abandoned, and now we are steadily moving all
> > of those customers to Suse, typically SLES.
> >
> > I don't understand the statement that RedHat is still the flavor of choice
> > in the U.S. That may have been the case in the past, but I don't think
> > it's true anymore.
> Here the Red Hat fans have mostly gone to Debian. There was some interest in
> SUSE until one of our "hotshots" flubbed a net install of SUSE at a LUG
> meeting. They refuse to buy the distros. Or even show someone how to install
> from the CD's. Our attendance at the meetings is steadily dropping and there
> is a tremendous amount of resistance to change. If it isn't old traditional
> Unix - it isn't accepted. Rich

I suppose that is one of the reasons that the U.S. is falling behind
in the tech sector. " We must not change, we fear change. " This type
of attitude makes me ill. If one doesn't adapt and change.. then
stagnation and death do occur. It's sad really. And with the planet
pretty much being flat these days.. the worker from China or India
doesn't have to come to the U.S. to make use of his/her knowledge..
so them being cheaper and having more of "yes" attitude will cause the
U.S. SO many issues. Bangalore is next door to Baltimore now because
of the wired world. Amazing. I just don't understand ununwillingness
to give something new a try. Someone may have been a "hotshot" at one
time.. but if I had a dime for every install that had an issue... I'd
be so rich that I could just kick back and live anywhere without a


"There is no need to teach that stars can fall out of the sky
and land on a flat Earth in order to defend religious faith."

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