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Re: [SLE] How's suse-linux-e spam checking?
Hi AD,

On Fri, 20 May 2005 09:41:30 +0700 UTC (9:41 PM -0500 UTC my time),
you wrote in part:

>> no this is not strange. Suse's list, which is EZMLM, uses the
>> envelope sender to subscribe you. Depending on your email client,
>> this can be different from your From: email address. So you can put
>> anything in the From: address as I just did. Your access to the list
>> (envelope sender) is secret only to you.
A> Isn't any reverse-dns checking or anything like that done?

Why? Knowing now the above, what would that change?

A> Or would that or anything related to dns be ineffective against spam or
A> spoofing?

Do you think DNS is ineffective against spam? In what way? Are you running
domainkeys on your email server? Some like SPF, but it is not accurate with
forwarding email, domainkey is.


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