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Re: [SLE] Copy spool mail files?
  • From: Jim Flanagan <linuxjim@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 09:50:37 -0500
  • Message-id: <200505290950.37408.linuxjim@xxxxxxxxxx>
On Saturday May 28 2005 8:57 pm, Anders Johansson wrote:
> I use cyrus imap, and do all filtering on the imap server using a sieve
> script. Works very well and isn't hard to do, although as far as I know
> there is no good GUI way of creating the sieve script so I do it by hand in
> a text editor, but the syntax is simple.
> > I just did today get my 9.3 install to all me to send mail to
> > myself from outside using sasl, amazingly using yast/etc/sysconfig
> > editor. Haven't got TLS working yet, still working on that. Haven't
> > figured out how to send mail to the list (or others for that matter )from
> > outside, and without being a relay for others.
> Authentiated SMTP is one way. Another is to use squirrelmail, since then
> you would actually be sending mail from the local machine, so you won't
> have to open up postfix to allow relaying from outside
> > What I really want to accomplish (I think) is to have an imap setup where
> > I can see all my mail, some kept from a year or so back, just like I can
> > logged in locally with kmail. I believe courier is one way to go with
> > that. But I'm unclear how to set up something (procmail?) to get the mail
> > from /var/log/mail to /home/me, hopefully sorted in the right folders.
> That is one option, to use procmail to get the mail to your home folder.
> Another is to do what I do and store everything directly in cyrus imap. In
> suse this is very easy to do, you basically have to set POSTFIX_MDA to
> "cyrus" in /etc/sysconfig/postfix and run SuSEconfig --module postfix, then
> read /usr/share/doc/packages/cyrus-imapd/README.SuSE on how to create your
> users in cyrus, create the ones you need, and you're done
Anders, if I use cyrus-imap, will I still be able to use kmail and its filters
(pulling mail down to maildir folders with kmail), or is the idea to just use
cyrus-imap and configure kmail (or other client) to use imap all the time,
even on the local machine?

Jim F

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