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Re: [SLE] SUSE on small machine
  • From: Mike <kenziem@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 10:06:17 -0500
  • Message-id: <200503011006.18980.kenziem@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Tuesday 01 March 2005 05:53, Fergus Wilde wrote:
> On Tuesday 01 March 2005 02:55, Glenn Holmer wrote:
> > I'm trying to get SUSE 9.2 to install on an old machine with just
> > 64M of core and no CD-ROM drive. OK, I built the half-dozen floppy
> > images on another machine and went to install from that machine
> > over HTTP. The install starts, warning me to add swap first (which
> > I do, as there's already a Linux swap partition available), but then
> > it just hangs with the progress bar about 3/4 filled.
> >
> > Is this even possible in 64M?

I've never had luck with SuSE on the smaller machines. I have 7.2 running on
a 166 with 64M, at the time it wasn't a small machine.

I just installed linux on a 486-25 with 12 M of RAM. I used slackware, then
did it again using uWoody - this is a debian woody compiled with uclibc. It
comes as a root image that you copy to the harddrive then resize, and setup
some configuration files (Google should find the start of a howto).

Slackware still supports a floppy based install. 6 disks get things going then
you have to move over the tarballs. Some are too big to fit on a floppy so
split and cat let you copy them in pieces. Once the networking/modem is set
up then you are done with the floppy.

There are many small distros but I find most are no longer in active
development, or are very specialized.

tiny linux
Puppy linux
Amigo Linux OS
Damn small linux
small linux

I have bash and gcc on my aero and use it for late night coding when I don't
want to go downstairs to the main machine.

Collector of vintage computers
Machines to trade
Open Source Weekend

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