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RE: [SLE] release of Suse 9.3 ?
  • From: "Anders Norrbring" <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 21:08:26 +0100
  • Message-id: <20050301200826.8E5FC27C8@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> > Le Mardi 1 Mars 2005 20:28, Josephine a écrit :
> > > On Tuesday 01 March 2005 18:57, Fred wrote:
> > > For the million time: suse professional's cycle is at every 6 months.
> 9.2
> > > was released at the end of October. Calculate now 6 months since then.
> >
> > I feel really sorry, but I'm a regular reader of this list since 2 month
> > and I haven't seen any discussion on this.
> > I know it's "every 6 month", but I should have ask "Do you have a link
> to
> > the actual roadmap" ?
> The real un-answered question (to me at least) is how bought-over by
> Novell
> will effect Suse 9.3 release or subsequent releases. We know Novell has
> other
> Linux offering (Novell Linux Desktop). Novell also bought Ximian. It is
> unclear as to what is Novell's linux strategy for future releases. I
> haven't
> seen an announcement from Novell out-lining a future linux releases
> roadmap
> describing how will SuSE evolve and how it will related to NLD (and maybe
> some of the Ximian offerings that are also now owned by Novell).

Well, at least one part is really easy to straighten out. NLD is not in any
way trying to grab grounds from SuSE Pro series, it's more like a "SuSE
Office version", aimed mainly to integrate desktops with Novell's eDirectory
based networks, whatever the server base is.

SuSE Pro series is not affected in any major way by the NLD version, it's
more of a "threat" to Windows as the desktop o/s.. :)
All of this is pretty clearly stated as well on the Novell website.

As for the SuSE Pro cycle, just wait and see.. :) What's the big hurry?

Anders Norrbring

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