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Re: Yet Another Coment on "...release of Suse 9.3 ?"
  • From: Thomas Beasley <beesknees@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 07:36:51 -0800
  • Message-id: <1109864211.3775.42.camel@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi all,

There is an apt-get for SuSE and using it you can update to Gnome 2.8
(The usr-local-bin APT component contains the latest GNOME packages
built for SuSE Linux that is maintained by James Ogley .). An
informative web site detailing some of the ins and outs of using Ogley's
builds with APT can be found here:

If you wait until SuSE 9.3 comes out, next month, I understand that
you'll not only get Gnome 2.8 but it will have been configured by the
Ximian members of the Novell clan as an alternative to KDE - still to be
the default on 9.3. I had Ximian running on SuSE 7.2 until I upgraded to
9.0. Ximian's Gnome was much better than SuSE's version but required a
lot of sorting out back in 7.2 then to get it to work right - that's why
I stuck with 7.2 so long because when I got it configured the way I
wanted it, I wanted to keep it that way for a while. I've been waiting
for the first Ximian effort on SuSE since you can't purchase Ximian
Gnome any longer.

When SuSE 9.3 does hit the scene, Gnome 2.10 will be a month old (due
out in a few weeks). So getting current with Gnome using SuSE is always
going to require some work. Apt-get for RPM is probably the best bet in
helping Gnome lovers stay current.

As an aside to this question; has anyone on this list serve used YUM - a
program for upgrading multiple distros on networks developed by Duke
University? I understand it will go out on the web and get the
updates/upgrades similarly to apt-get but can handle a multi-distro
network and keep all the distros up to date ... so I've heard. So if
anyone has any real live experience using this program with SuSE I'd be
interested in hearing more about how good or how bad it is. If you
haven't heard of YUM and want more info click here:

Thomas E. Beasley, Jr.- Registered Penguinista # T308709 , Using Free Software since SuSE Linux 6.4. Currently
using SuSE Linux 9.0 Pro and enjoying the Penguin :-)
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