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Re: [SLE] unsubscription
  • From: columbo@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 00:07:10 -0500
  • Message-id: <200503100007.10920.columbo@xxxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 09 March 2005 16:39, Brad Bourn wrote:
> On Wednesday 09 March 2005 01:39 pm, Carlos E. R. wrote:
> > rfc1855, Netiquette Guidelines.
> and in this doc it states that you must use bottom posted trim quoted
> reply's on suse-linux-e@xxxxxxxx?

Lists and Usenet in general. But it does apply to this list, yes.

> It has been my experience both relying on the open-source community
> and contributing to it for my living for the past 5 years since i was
> brought to the light, that it is easier to navigate search results in
> google to find what your looking for when people top-post and full
> quote. you can usually find the whole conversation in one place.

Although it does appear that Google is in the process of taking over the
entire Internet in an archived form (and much more) this list is for
the list members. Why should anybody change a tried and true method
simply because it's conveeeeeeenient for googlers?

> It can be alot easier to navigate top-posted full-quoted threads in
> mail clients because they get sorted better with different
> conversations going on between the OP and the contributors. All you
> have to do is highlight the mail (with or without a mouse) and you
> see the next piece of the puzzle right there AT THE TOP.

Hmmmm.....wouldn't it be cool if we could somehow get all the pertinent
information into a single email, logically oriented, or thread so that
someone who required the information later on would easily be able to
find it, without digging through superfluous and redundant crap. And
maybe even print it out as a cohesive and easy reference? How might we
do that? Hmmmmm.

> because it solves both problems I specifically run into
> a.) you find only one reply to a topic you want more information on
> in google b.) either top or bottom as long as ALL replies are the
> same can be just as easy to navigate, either above or below the extra
> (whole) conversation being justified by reason a

Again. No list on the Internet is a subdivision of Google or any other
search engine.

> With the open-source community getting bigger, and the average newbie
> to linux NOT being a newbie to computers in general, I personally
> think it would be like shooting my livelyhood (the open-source
> community) in the foot by being an elitist and griping to
> contributers about style. We should have way more newbie
> professional / ex - MS folks than seasoned vets (hopefully
> read:linux for the masses -- converts in droves) real soon. By
> taking such an annoyed attitude you set yourself up for conflict and
> isolation.

I doubt it. I envision things working out pretty much as it is now.
You'll have your AOL'ish Linux users who want everything done for them
and all questions answered immediately while showing no regard for the
community as a whole meanwhile attempting to profit from it. And
you'll have the more seasoned and mature computer users who will
recognize the conventions, appreciate the usefulness and abide by them.

> This would be like a missionary rejecting converts in a forign (non
> english) country for not speaking English. Or a karate instructor
> ignoring a customer because they walked into the dojo with shoes on.

Heh. Profit is a good thing in my mind. But if it isn't based on
principle and respect than it's useless to me.

> I'd hate to see linux (or SuSE) end up like M$ because they can't
> think or accept any other way of thinking. Although I wouldn't
> expect you to downright steal a top posted reply and claim it as your
> own.

But in the paragraph above this one you said that profit is above
principal and respect which is actually in line with M$ way of
thinking. And don't worry, the entire concept of Open Source Software
(which includes Linux and commercial OS's) and the concepts behind a
company like M$ are mutually exclusive. The ideas and energy behind
Open Source will never die out.


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