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Re: [SLE] unsubscription
  • From: Brad Bourn <brad@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 09:00:31 -0700
  • Message-id: <200503100900.31529.brad@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 09 March 2005 08:43 pm, columbo@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> And that is the crux of the matter. Irrespective of the styles that you
> point out above, the convention on THIS list is and always has been to
> quote, trim and reply. That is the method that most everyone who has
> spent time on this list are accustomed. And it is not a bad or
> overbearing convention.

This is about the best I have heard it put yet. This seems perfectly
reasonable and valid to me. I'll leave it at that.

> You're not breathing a welcome breathe of fresh air into the
> list.....actually, it's stale and rancid based upon the discussions
> that have occurred in the past.

And I agree. That is why when I am trying to help someone (OP) and someone
else chimes in just to start breathing this rancid stale air, I stick up for

> The issue isn't about you. It's about top-posting in this list and
> members pointing out the convention to which the regular posters have
> become accustomed. Rather than taking it as a personal affront, most
> people simply acknowledge it and politely abide by the list convention.

When someone goes out of their way to "tisk tisk" me because of the format I
chose to contribute my help to the OP, It is about me. I haven't had any OP
yet reply to my top posted simple answer with "Please don't help me if your
not going to format what I need the way I want"

> Eh? And to whom on this list are you a customer?

Are you kidding?

> I won't accuse you of twisting the meaning of what I was typing but
> growth does not imply customer growth. Rather a personal growth
> relative to understanding and using Linux/Suse and the satisfaction and
> productivity derived from that growth. And the betterment of the
> general community of users is a foregone conclusion due to the fact
> that this list is not for debating the pros and cons of this distro to
> that disto. It is dedicated to Linux/Suse alone. It is focused on
> that subject matter and the community profits from its activity.

Don't they mean the same thing? Doesn't one help the other?

> > > I post and respond this way because it is painfully obvious to me
> > > (archives) that this is the preferred method within this particular
> > > list. And I am a respecter of people, whether I agree with their
> > > particular position or not.
> >
> > Again, I agree and this is my point. Why go through the effort to
> > "tisk tisk" me.
> >
> ::mental note - don't 'tisk tisk' Brad, otherwise he arches his back and
> spits::


> > I choose to be respectful.
> How do YOU define respectful?

Probably the best is "do unto others...."


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