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RE: [SLE] Network File Systems
  • From: "Chiu, PCM (Peter)" <P.C.M.Chiu@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 11:34:47 -0000
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Many thanks for all the responses.

a. rsync. we use this tool as well, but experienced some discomfort
with it
in that, if we run a couple of rsync tasks on large transfers in
they can grind our servers to a halt without too much difficulty.

Any further access to the same file system involved in the rsync will
be very slow, and the overall system performance is severely degraded

By the way, we use gigabit switches in general, and the servers are
using reasonably
decent processors like dual opterons 246s and dual xeons 3GHz with
2GB ram and 3ware 8505

A slight deficiency with rsync is that we cannot easily access files
as if they were local
for addition or modification as we can do so with NFS.

b. fish. I have not used it before. Can someone tell me where I can
find more details about it.
The on-line man page says fish is a card game, though sounds lovely
it is.

Many thanks.


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Quoting Chiu, PCM (Peter) <P.C.M.Chiu@xxxxxxxx>:
> Is there a more efficient networked file system
> other than NFS and samba?
> The two both work, but can be rather slow for large transfers.

To paraphase the Mutt MUA logo, "All network file systems suck, some
suck more than others." Having tried NFS, Samba, and AFS over the
years, all of them are slow and unreliable. Rsync is fast, reliable,
and great IF you can remember not to work on the same file on both ends.

One thing to check, make sure your network is solid, and all links are
running 100 or 1000Gbps, full duplex. And any switches or hubs have
plenty of backplane bandwidth.

Just my $0.02USD,

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