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Re: [SLE] A trick to resend? [solved]
  • From: "Carlos E. R." <robin1.listas@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 17:58:30 +0100
  • Message-id: <200502011758.30654.robin1.listas@xxxxxxxxxx>
On Tuesday 01 February 2005 05:15, Randall R Schulz wrote:

> > Same thing. That was the intention, anyway. But an email sent with
> > Pine can be resent with balsa. The unfortunate thing (for me) is that
> > Pine doesn't have a resend function, nor Mozilla, I think. I hadn't
> > noticed about KMail, but it is so slow firing it up that I seldom use
> > it.
> Slow to start up? So what! I keep it running at all times when I'm
> logged in. One of the beauties of multiple virtual desktops under KDE
> is that I have created a nice breakdown of different (groups of)
> applications in each of the 8 virtual desktops I configure. I bound

Ok, but I power off every day, often more than once, so I have to start it up.
And last time I started it (months ago), it took me like half an hour to get
it started, because it complained about outdated indexes or something
similar, and created one message box ("warning:...." press ok) for every
folder, and I have a lot of them. I had to hunt and click like a hundred of
those message boxes.

Look, I'm answering this email with KMail. The aforesaid nuissance did not
happen today. Maybe I changed some configuration to prevent that last time,
maybe I updated kde, or maybe that was SuSE 8.2. Or maybe last time it wasn't
so long ago, and the index is not so outdated this time. I don't remember.

Good, things are improving.

I still prefer Pine for most of my uses, but it is good to know that KMail is
better than last time I looked at it - and you see I can use it if I want, I
have it configured that way, sharing the folders wit Pine, Balsa, Mozilla...

For example, I like sorting by thread, and those that had new mail first (ie,
at the bottom), so that I can see easily new emails, in their threaded
context. I can do that with Pine - I have no idea if I can with Kmail.

On the other hand, I like KMail setting of flagging threads as important or
ignored. I like that very much. But then I miss a "Go" button to go to those
- perhaps I'll have to create a filter. Another one would be to see threads
on which I wrote, and to which a new email has been added.

> CTRL-ALT-<ArrowKey>) to navigate through the desktops. Also, I use the
> KDE's "Special Window Settings" to cause particular application's
> windows to always display initially in particular desktops. It's far
> better than having only the "minimize" function as a desktop organizing
> and management tool.

I have nine (9) desktops - but in Gnome. I'm using KMail from inside gnome ;-)

> Also, the latest KMail can be kept running with a system tray icon
> visible but with all its windows closed (i.e., closing all the KMail
> windows does not cause it to quit. For that you have to issue the File
> -> Quit command or the tray icon's context menu's Quit command). Thus
> it can occupy only the tiniest amount of screen real estate (i.e., the
> tray icon) while still doing its work of periodically retrieving mail.

I don't use a MUA to retrieve email, that is done by fetchmail, and then
sorted by procmail.

> Add to that the ability of the filters to play sounds when certain mail
> arrives (variously important mail) and you need pay only a few dozen
> megabytes of resident memory to keep it running.

I prefer a simple number at the folder name listing new arrivals - and it
does. I would like it even better if all email clients understood how other
clients using the same folder marked emails as read or whatever. That's what
I like about Balsa: that it understands Pine.

> > This email was started with Pine, and finished and posted with Balsa.
> You're sick, twisted and mixed up. But what would we expect from a guy
> whose first name is Carlos and whose last name is Robinson! (I'm
> kidding, of course!)


And now I'm answering with KMail. I like variety :-)

Carlos Robinson

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