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Re: [SLE] kmail (kontact) threaded view
  • From: Osho GG <oshogg@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 09:37:02 -0800
  • Message-id: <200502020937.03037.oshogg@xxxxxxxxx>
On Wednesday 02 February 2005 9:21 am, Hamish wrote:
> > This doesn't exactly solve the problem that you are running into. But,
> > that's the best solution that I could think of to navigate through 100's
> > of unread emails effectively. If you are subscribing to suse-linux-e then
> > you know what I mean :).
> Osho, please go to and vote
> for this if you think it would be useful to you.
> Thanks for the tip, I will use this!
> H

I added my vote. I also suggested a few other features regarding threads that
I like. Here is a blurb I put in there..

I would also suggest that there should be a sorting mechanism which sorts
threads based on the latest mail in the thread and not the earliest mail in
the thread. Currently, threads are sorted by the time-stamp of the earliest
mail in the thread. That way, when a very popular thread keeps on receiving
messages - it goes to the bottom. If the sorting was based on the time-stamp
of the latest mail in the thread - then a new mail in otherwise old thread
would bring that thread to top (or bottom) with the other unread messages.

Also, in such cases, the thread should be expanded with only the unread
messages visible inside the thread. User can further click on the thread's
first mail to see all the messages in thread.

And, of course, all the messages in thread should be bold that are unread.

These three features together makes it a lot easier to work with too many
mails and long threads. How do I know? Because, Outlook implements it this
way - which I have used for years now. Please don't bash me just because I am
suggesting something that is availbale in microsoft product. Just evaluate
this usability feature on it's own merit - you will find that it indeed makes
working with many threads/messages a lot easier.

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