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Re: [SLE] backing up "proc" the directory
  • From: "Joe Morris (NTM)" <Joe_Morris@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2005 10:46:24 -0600
  • Message-id: <4204F860.3020001@xxxxxxx>
Ted Hilts wrote:
Provision existed in a Slackware script to somehow plug into the boot disk file system the "/dev" and "/proc" directories.
For proc just provide the directory, i.e /proc. The kernel will populate it when it boots. /dev depends on other programs, i.e newer systems use udev which populates /dev 'on the fly' as needed AFAIK. Older systems had the device files already created, thus you could back them up.
Anyway, I was thinking that I needed the same directories if I were to manually create a boot disk for SuSE distribution and therefore wondered how best to move these two directories into the boot disk file system.
No matter what, you need the directories (i.e. /proc is the mount point for the proc filesystem, check fstab).
I have backed them up in the past as I mentioned.
As I said, depends on the age/programs on the system. /dev will be OK, /proc has infinite recursion and I don't believe you can back it up.
So regardless of what you and others say, it can be done because I did it once and lived to tell the story.
I noticed my backup program (storebackup) started hanging (md5sum running forever) recently. I had updated postfix (which I had forgot I chrooted). The new postfix included a proc directory, which I found out out was my problem. I had already excluded /proc. AFAIK, you cannot backup or cp /proc because there is no end.
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