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Why Is There a USB Partitions per Device Limit? (and other USB access questions)
  • From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2005 18:51:16 -0500
  • Message-id: <42055BF4.24C6@xxxxxx>
I put a 80 GiB HD with 33 partitions on it into a USB 2.0 enclosure,
then connected it to a SuSE 9.2 system. 13 "SuSE hardware detection"
windows popped up, and the taskbar became unusable for reaching any of
them, which I needed to do to find the earliest ones without moving each
off the stack they created all on top of each other, and only the last
could be focused anyway.

Why did I get 13 and not 14? No reason for "sdb4" I know, but why was
"sdb2" was omitted?

I selected 4 of those partitions for opening, those which as a normal
ATA HD would be hdx3 msdos, hdx5 ext2, hdx7 ext3 & hdx9 msdos. The
too-long-winded device names gave me the clues to which to open, which
then mounted as e.g. /media/usb-0x0402-0x5621:0:0:0p5 (in the urlbar)
seemed perfectly accessible in X. What causes those long mountpoint
names while the Konq "my computer" content window shows them all as
sdbx? Is there some way to force the automounter's mount points to be
something simple like /mnt/sdbx? What is the name of the automounter?

Why didn't I get a popup window for every partition on the device (33
gross total, minus sdb4)? I know that ATA HD have a generous 63
partition limit, while SCSI is limited to 15. Why the lower limit for
SCSI, and why is USB treated as though SCSI? Is there some way to access
all partitions in an ATA HD like mine while connected as USB?

Konq shows all the usb/scsi partitions as unmounted, but 'mount' shows
all mounted except any I explictly unmounted via the command line. How
in X do I actually make sure all are unmounted so that disconnecting the
device is safe?

How do I access these partitions without X running? IOW, when I plug in
the disk, what mounts them, and how do I unmount them to remove the
device? Surely running umount for each and every partition must not be
the only way?

Man for mount and for fstab do not list a fstype of subfs, which is what
'mount' shows for the usb partitions. What is type subfs?

Why wasn't I allowed to choose which popup window I want from the KDE
taskbar (focus any but the last opened popup)?

What doc should I be looking for that does or should explain these
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