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Re: [SLE] mkisofs - file versus directory
  • From: Darryl Gregorash <raven@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2005 12:12:12 -0600
  • Message-id: <42065DFC.8010608@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
The mkisofs *manpage* seems to be -very- complete. I'll quote for you a couple of important things I found in just a quick glance through the *manpage*.

Ted Hilts wrote:

If I have a directory (24 layers deep) and run mkisofs on that directory will the file system created for blasting onto a CD or DVD handle that many directory layers?

"pathspec is the path of the directory tree to be copied into the iso9660 filesystem. Multiple paths
can be specified, and mkisofs will merge the files found in all of the specified path components to
form the cdrom image."

Thus it would appear, at least initially, that the answer to your question is "yes". However, skimming down further, we find

"-iso-level level
Set the iso9660 conformance level. Valid numbers are 1..3 and 4.

With level 1, files may only consist of one section and filenames are restricted to 8.3

With level 2, files may only consist of one section.

With level 3, no restrictions (other than ISO-9660:1988) do apply.

With all iso9660 levels from 1..3, all filenames are restricted to upper case letters, numbers
and the underscore (_). The maximum filename length is restricted to 31 characters, the direc­
tory nesting level is restricted to 8 and the maximum path length is limited to 255 charac­

Level 4 officially does not exists but mkisofs maps it to ISO-9690:1999 which is ISO-9690 ver­
sion 2.

With level 4, an enhanced volume descriptor with version number and file structure version
number set to 2 is emitted. There may be more than 8 levels of directory nesting, there is no
need for a file to contain a dot and the dot has no more special meaning, file names do not
have version numbers, the maximum length for files and directory is raised to 207. If Rock
Ridge is used, the maximum ISO-9660 name length is reduced to 197."

I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions about this option setting. You may, of course, wish to consult the mkisofs *manpage* further, to see if there are any other possible roadblocks to success.

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