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Re: [SLE] Why Is There a USB Partitions per Device Limit? (and other USB access questions)
  • From: John Andersen <jsa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2005 16:30:31 -0900
  • Message-id: <200502061631.14875.jsa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Saturday 05 February 2005 02:51 pm, Felix Miata wrote:
> Why didn't I get a popup window for every partition on the device (33
> gross total, minus sdb4)? I know that ATA HD have a generous 63
> partition limit, while SCSI is limited to 15. Why the lower limit for
> SCSI, and why is USB treated as though SCSI?

Sorry for the clipping, but there is a limit of 2 questions per posting. ;-)

Just because you CAN put that many partitions on a disk does not
make it wise. And when you move it from an environment where
it could expect to find up to 63 partitions to one where there is
a limit you suddenly realize why it is NOT wise.

As to all the WHYs, thats just the way it is. That is how
the drivers were written, how the products were developed and
evolved over time. SCSI is probably using only a few bits
to indicate the partition number, and you exceeded it. You
can get the source code for any of the drivers involved and
attempt to re-write it I suppose, but it might be quicker to
use directories for those things you are trying to use partitions
for, and get down to a reasonable number of partitions.

Most hotplug devices end up getting handled by SCIS in

As for your last question:

>What doc should I be looking for that does or should explain these

You seem to want to know the reasons why Linux was developed
in a certain way over the many years of its life. There may
be such a book, bur I doubt it will help you get access to
all your partitions.

It would seem more profitable in the short run to put the drive
back where it came from and re-structure the data into fewer partitions
rather than starting with the history of Linux.

Look into Kwickdisk or Kdiskfree. Nice GUI mounting tools. Also read
the manuals that came with your Boxed set.
John Andersen
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