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Re: [SLE] Found Way to Recommend SuSE Linux
  • From: Darryl Gregorash <raven@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 09:02:25 -0600
  • Message-id: <42078301.4070902@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Joaquin Menchaca wrote:

Hi guys,

Remember way back I was wanting to evaluate SuSE. I really feel this is an easy to use Linux solution due to it's graphical tools and auto-configuration scripts for hardware. I hope to get professional corporations exposed to alternative solutions, especially given the outrageous licensing shemes from Microsoft.

Here's a proposal that I sent out; what do you think? :-)


Very good, as far as it goes; however, be prepared to have to address all the Redmond FUD about vulnerability and total cost of ownership. On the vulnerability issue, there is a very good response dated April 2004, written by Roman Drahtmueller in collaboration with guys from RH, etc, on the Novell website. Check for that and a few other resources.

Of course, the best defence is often a good offence, and here's one hot off the press, dated last Friday: In army terminology, it is called "sieze and maintain the initiative." That is why Mickey needs a law making it illegal to tell anyone but him about vulnerabilities in his stuff -- to prevent the truth (as the CIA so quaintly puts it) from setting us free.

I'm not suggesting you need to include such stuff in your initial proposal, of course. Just have all the ducks lined up, to counter any negative comment you might get from someone who is "knowledgeable" (translation: has read about one or more Mickey-rumours, and actually believes it/them). In fact, you might want to save copies of all the stuff you find, and not just for good reading. Rumours are great things. If I tell a couple of people that "someone" told me you are beating your wife, pretty soon the police would be asking you questions. You'd still be defending yourself 15 years after you successfully sued me for defamation. (Now, if I could put a US copyright on my rumour, then I would be able to sue you for revealing my rumour to be a lie.) It's the same with Linux vs. Mickey; 15 years from now, Mickey will still be dragging out the stuff he invented 3 years ago, along with some new junk that some sucker -- errr, independent reviewer --- invented along the way.

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