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Re: [SLE] Possibility to use two gateways?
  • From: Ted Hilts <thilts@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 18:56:05 -0700
  • Message-id: <42081C35.6000104@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
I have 2 gateways but it required 2 telephone lines and 2 telephone accounts. The idea was increased bandwidth (over dial up). Some machines are told to work through one gateway and some through another. Your case is different as you appear to be using just one telephone line (DSL connection). In the past before using a gateway had I many machines connected each on their own modem to the one telephone line and associated ISP account. If you are using an external modem on each gateway both connected to the same telephone line then you should be able to manually turn one modem off and one modem on. IF you use an inexpensive programmable router/hub with DSL internet connection between your two gateways and the internet then you would have one DSL modem working for both gateways. I've never tried this but theoretically it should work. But I don't think you can specify a primary and alternate gateway on your Linux machines. I'll have to check that out. You can specify primary and alternate DSNs for your Internet server connection which is quite a different situation than specifying primary and secondary gateways but maybe you can.

Alex Daniloff wrote:

Hello SuSE folkz,
Is it possible to have two default gateways
in SuSE routing configuration for the each host on internal network?
How to setup them?

I have the following network topology:
1. DSL modem connected to the switch_1
2. Two servers SW1 and SW2 with their own separate Internet static IP's connected to the switch_1 via eth0 interfaces.
3. Two servers SW1 and SW2 with their own internal static IP's
but the same mask and network address connected to another internal switch_2 via eth1 interfaces.
4. The rest of the hosts on internal network connected to the switch_2
via their single eth0 interfaces.

What I want to achieve is to specify two default gateways for the each
host on internal network.
In case if SW1 or SW2 server goes down, each host still will be able to access
the Internet.

Could somebody please enlighten me on this issue.
Many thanks in advance,


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